Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to The Babysitter's Babble!

As the primary child care provider for Midvale Road I decided that this new forum would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on my experiences with all my precious charges and also to field inquires as to my summer employment schedule before I go on sabbatical in the fall to Amherst. I will however post my fall school schedule and calendar here when they are made available to me. Babysitting is to be made by appointment only and preference will be given to the highest bidder (no excuses, no exceptions). My summer employment schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday 11 to 7
  • Monday 12 to 8
  • Tuesday 10 to 6
  • Wednesday 9 to 5
  • Thursday 10 to 6
  • Fridays & Saturdays are off days (advanced notice is appreciated when reserving this time.)
Thank you to all my valued clients and all your continued business. Please stay tuned for exciting stories of adventures in babysitting.